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En esta sección hemos compilado una serie de recursos considerados relevantes a las actividades diarias de los maestros que involucran a la educación del carácter. Por favor visite esta sección de forma frecuente, ya que constantemente se estarán agregando recursos y herramientas.



For a list of materials needed for the conference offered to teachers on January 24, 2008. Click Here



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  • Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character (CAEC)
    A research and professional development institute at Boston University for scholars, graduate students, and teachers who want to be better prepared for fostering the character development of their students. Sponsors courses, conferences, lectures, and fieldwork in the area of character education.
  • Center for the 4th and 5th Rs
    A nonprofit organization serving as a regional, state, and national resource in character education. The Center provides character-related articles and sponsors an annual summer institute in character education. The "4th and 5th Rs" are respect and responsibility.
  • Center for Youth Issues
    A non-profit organization that supplies character education materials and training for schools, youth organizations, parents, and community groups. CYI is home of STARS (Students Taking A Right Stand), a student-led, teacher-facilitated support and counseling program.
  • Character Development Group
    Educator resource organization offering publications and staff development training in character education. Provides workshops, workbooks, textbooks and other materials.
  • The Character Education Partnership (CEP)
    A nonprofit coalition of organizations and persons dedicated to developing moral character and civic virtue in youth. CEP is an umbrella organization for U.S. character education efforts and provides a National Resource Center. The website contains links to hundreds of character-related sites.
  • Josephson Institute of Ethics
    Coalition of schools, communities, and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Character Counts! curriculum.
  • Kenan Ethics Program, Duke University
    Supports the study and teaching of ethics, and promotes moral reflection and commitment in personal, professional, community, and civic life. Encourages moral inquiry and reflection across intellectual disciplines and professions.
  • Ohio Partners in Character Education
    Statewide coalition of public, non-profit, and private organizations whose goal is to foster character education in the state of Ohio.
  • Premier School Agendas (Destination Character Supplement)
    Character education-related inserts for student agendas, with activities to enhance students' awareness of good character. Written by the authors of Teaching Character: Teacher's Idea Book and Teaching Character: Parents' Guide and designed to compliment these books.
  • The School for Ethical Education
    Offers training and consulting in the integration of ethics and character into academic settings.

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